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Lori Mitchell-McNally

Mastectomy Clients

E. McDonald Sarnia, ON

Was soooooo embarrassed when I made my appointment with you for my first fitting. How anyone can come to you shaking and leave feeling so dam good and not alone! You sure were not shy to show me your war scars. Made me feel sooooo comfortable. Thank God for you! If all you hope for is to touch one person, you have touched hundreds!!! Grateful I am one of them! Keep up the great work!

J. Dutton Pike London, ON

Lori Mitchell owns this boutique in Sarnia. I'm a breast cancer survivor myself & I can tell you it's worth the trip from London to visit Lori & her caring staff. Lori is a breast cancer survivor also & an expert at knowing your needs. You have to see this beautiful boutique to believe it ladies.

H. Cole Past manager @ Cancer Society, Sarnia ON

Silhouettes Mastectomy GCMF started as a result of Lori's breast cancer journey. She is truly an amazing cancer survivor who understands and can help to alleviate the worry associated with breast cancer. I am thankful that I have never been faced personally with this disease but certainly I would turn to Lori if I needed help.

D. Marie Sarnia, ON

I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Lori in December for my yearly specialty bra fitting. I remember the first time I met Lori 16 years ago. It was a very traumatic time for me and Lori made me feel at ease and gave lots of hugs and smiles. I have been going to see her yearly in those 16 years and could not think of ever going anywhere else for my fittings. Thank you so much Lori and Kathy for all you do for not only breast cancer patients (survivors) but for all the women who enter your store.....HUGS Ladies!!!!! (I love my new socks)

S.L. Stinchcombe Sarnia, ON

I think this is a great place. Everyone going through such awful sickness needs support and you have it here. Even for the loved ones or friends of those who are needing support too can get it here. We all need a professional, caring place such as you guys. Thank you for all your hard work.

K. Taylor Sarnia, ON

Best customer service ever. Best selection of good quality women's undergarments with professional measuring for post cancer survivors as well. Amazing clothes. If your looking for that special dress this holiday season, look no more... Silouettes Boutique has it! Love Love

M. Beaudoin Sarnia, ON

A few months ago I went to see Lori to get fitted for a bra for an upcoming breast reconstruction surgery being done in London. Two years ago, while I was going through all the difficult stages of Breast Cancer and having a mastectomy done on my left breast, I wish that I new about Silhouettes and Lori ... I ended up going to a place in London! As I was there for the fitting I felt completely comfortable and it was because of Lori! She truly knows what she's talking about! I'm not done with the breast reconstruction, and still have a few more surgeries to go. And as I do, I will be definitely keeping in touch with Lori and if I need something specific, I know where I'm going for it! Silhouettes is a very friendly, comfortable, understanding, caring place and the staff there are great! Thank you Lori for helping me that day, and for the few chats that we have had so far! I will be reaching out to you once I know when my next surgery is going to happen and for after it's done!

M. A. Richardson Toronto, ON

I discovered Silhouettes Boutique quite by accident when I visited Sarnia years ago. I was looking for Jag jeans, and my daughter told me she shopped for hers at Silhouettes. Wow ... what a wonderful surprize ... a beautiful boutique, much like what you'd expect to find in Toronto! The manager, Kathy greeted me the moment I walked in the door. She explained what the store had to offer on their 3 floors. I was gumstruck ... again ... WOW. Being a breast cancer survivor, and not knowing that they carried these essential needs until Kathy mentioned it, I was eager to see what they had to offer. She showed me everything "new" in breast forms and mastectomy bras. She then fitted me with the lightest weight breast form I'd ever felt (it was also cool to the touch, to help me with my hot flushes), in a few of the cutest mastectomy bras I've ever seen. Throughout the process, she explained the advantages to everything she showed me. I had been fitted elsewhere, and didn't realize that I was in the wrong bra size AND the wrong prosthetic size. How would I know ... I just trusted that the last one to fit me knew what she was doing. Well, obviously, she didn't. What great customer service! They had everything I needed "in stock". The owner filled out all the paperwork for my warranty, insurance company, and the government grant as we chatted about her journey with breast cancer, and why she bought the business. A truly inspiring story of survival! All of my paperwork was submitted courtesy of Silhouettes. Silhouettes has been taking care of me for years ... always on my agenda when I come to Sarnia. Thank you ladies for your knowledge, compassion and kindness ... customer for life!

Boutique Clients

T. D. Visser Sarnia, ON

I struggle with Fibromyalgia, so bras can feel like wearing a device that constricts as well as weighs a few hundred pounds. I had been going bra-less for quite some time due to the way a bra felt on me, until I went into Silhouettes and was measured properly. They also took my Fibromyalgia into consideration by adding a size so that on days where most clothing feels like flames on my skin, at least my bra wouldn't be constricting and would be as comfortable as it possibly could. Who would have thought a proper sizing and a properly fitting bra would make such a difference. I suggest if you haven't been measured properly and your bra doesn't fit comfortably GO IN to have the girls work their magic for you.

A. Stirling Sarnia, ON

Lori has always provided superlative service to me at her specialized boutique. She has taken her time to make sure that I am comfortable and informed with my choices. I always recommend her boutique to women I know that are looking for unique fashions at competitive prices.

J. Foster Sarnia ON

I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years and I agree with the comment above. I went to many shops in the area and was told that I would have to have bras made to fit. I was tired of drooping bras riding up my back and being told I am 42 DD and still no luck! So, finally as a Xmas gift, I went to Silhouettes and got properly fitted, and to my surprise I was a 36 F. That was my whole problem! I have been wearing the bras from Silhouettes now for almost a year and I have never been so happy to actually put my 36F bra on everyday. I am so comfortable. I hope I get to go back there again this Xmas. Also, sure like the sweater Coat and the pink furry jacket. I hope Santa is good to be this year, as I will be heading back to Silhouettes for sure. Thanx Girls. You sure made this Fibro girl smile again ... hugs.

E. Morgan Sarnia, ON

For years I didn't know I was wearing the wrong size bra, but side boob, top boob & cutting straps happened every day. Lori & staff fitted me for the right size & bras aren't a prison anymore. Go get fitted @ Silhouettes. It'll change the way you look & feel!

B. C. Watson-Helps Sarnia, ON

Excellent, compassionate, caring and knowledgeable people at Silhouettes! Highly recommend their services and expertise!

A. Vroom Kelway Sarnia, ON

These ladies are awesome. Very helpful. They always have a smile :-) Love the clothes!

D. Fowlie Sarnia, ON

Awesome customer service every time!!! Ladies, go get fitted for a bra here!! Kathy and Lori take the time to properly measure you. I've been wearing the wrong size for years!! They also have the nicest selection of cruise wear around, so next time you are downtown, pop in. You won't be sorry. I know I'm not!!!

S. J. Vandevenne Sarnia, ON

What an amazing store. Walked in and found just what I was looking for today and she was so helpful in finding just what I needed! Got a dress to wear for my son's wedding and as a bonus, got a pair of Spanx leggings at half price!!

A. McGraw Sydney N.S.

When I come to Sarnia for family visits, I always make sure I go to Silhouettes to buy my bras. And of course, there are always clothes and accessories that catch my eye (and pocket book) too. I would never go anywhere else to do my bra shopping ... I have been a loyal customer and true advocate for ALL that this wonderful boutique does for more than a decade. Thank You for being there Lori and girls ...